Quantitative aspects of magnetospheric physics

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Quantitative Aspects of Magnetospheric Physics

Remote sensing of geomagnetic fields in mesosphere is both challenging and interesting to explore the magnetic field structures and atomic collision processes. Here the authors demonstrate an atomic magnetometer that utilizes the Larmor frequency in sodium atoms and operates in kilometers range. Article 07 August Open Access. Here, the authors report that the chorus wave power is increased in the vicinity of Europa and Ganymede.

The generated waves are able to accelerate particles to very high energy. Article 10 May Open Access. The origin of the apparent impenetrable barrier in the outer Van Allen belt is still uncertain.

Physics of Magnetospheric Substorms Astrophysics and Space Science Library Volume 47

Here, the authors report that penetration to the barrier can occur by means of ultra-low frequency wave transport, enabling ultra-relativistic electrons to reach the location of the barrier. Article 17 November Open Access. Here, the authors perform a large-scale kinetic simulation to unveil dynamics of the vortex-induced reconnection and resulting turbulent mixing process.

Article 31 March Open Access. Article 03 October Open Access. Here, the authors study an even in which the solar wind Mach number remained steadily below one, leading to the evanescence of the bow shock and loss of electrons in the outer belts. Here the authors compare observations and models of a event to show that electromagnetic ioncyclotron waves provide the dominant loss mechanism at ultra-relativistic energies.

Article 05 October Open Access. Here, the authors explain the origin of this phenomenon in terms of chorus and magnetosonic waves through simulations and observations of a geomagnetic storm data. Article 14 July Open Access. Here, the authors uncover their structured and periodic frequency pattern, revealing that they are generated by proton distributions. Article 26 June Open Access. Magnetic reconnection is a fundamental energy release process taking place in various astrophysical environments, but it is difficult to observe it directly.

A review of: “Quantitative aspects of magnetospheric physics”

Here, the authors provide evidence of three-dimensional magnetic reconnection in a solar eruption using combined perspectives of two spacecraft. Article 26 May Open Access. Coronal mass ejections from the Sun play an important role in space weather, yet a full understanding of their behaviour remains elusive. Article 15 May Open Access. Whistler-mode waves regulate trapped electrons in the magnetosphere, but an accurate determination of their energy budget has remained elusive. This study presents a full analysis of their magnetic and electric field contributions and finds that a large amount of energy is stored in oblique waves.

Article 11 May Open Access. Although magnetic reconnection is recognized as the dominant mode for solar wind plasma to enter the magnetosphere, Kelvin—Helmholtz waves KHW have been suggested to also be involved.

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Article 07 April Open Access. McIntosh et al. Article 04 February Lunar swirls are high-albedo features on the Moon whose origins are widely debated.

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Using observations from the Diviner Lunar Radiometer, Glotch et al. Using multi-spacecraft data, Shi et al. Advanced search. Skip to main content.

Quantitative Aspects Of Magnetospheric Physics

Article 04 March Open Access MMS observations of electron scale magnetic cavity embedded in proton scale magnetic cavity Magnetic cavities are universal phenomena existing in cosmic plasma environments. Article 12 February Open Access Direct observations of a surface eigenmode of the dayside magnetopause Surface waves on the boundary between a magnetosphere and the surrounding plasma might get trapped by the ionosphere forming an eigenmode. Article 16 January Open Access Visualization of rapid electron precipitation via chorus element wave—particle interactions Electron precipitation plays major role in magnetospheric physics and space weather.

The field has evolved normally from an early discovery phase through a period of exploration and into an era of quantitative studies of the dynamics of magnetized plasmas as they occur in nature.

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Such environments are common throughout the universe and have been studied in varying detail at the sun, the planets, pulsars, and certain radio galaxies. The purpose of this book is to describe basic quantitative aspects of magnetospheric physics.

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We use selected examples from the earth's magnetosphere to show how theory and data together form a quantitative framework for magnetospheric research. We have tried to organize the material along the philosophy of starting simply and adding com plexity only as necessary.