Labyrinth of Dreams (G.O.D. Inc. No. 1)

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I thought I had blocked it out of my mind, but alas, no. It might hold up better with an older eye, but at the time I read this, at the time it came out, I was alternately bored to death and amazed how badly a crossover of styles could be pulled off. Of course, with the advent of UF, it shows just how much I know. View all 16 comments. Apr 03, Glen rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , mystery. A pair of down at the heels PIs are hired to trace a banker who skipped town with two million dollars. Eventually, they find not one, but three of the guy, and are introduced to the infinite worlds.

It didn't really hit me, but maybe I wasn't in the mood for it.

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Aug 13, Kevin Findley rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , science-fiction. I'm fairly certain I read this back in '88, but couldn't remember the ending to save my backside. Turns out I may have given up back then. This is though, and I tend to stick it out now. The first half of the book read quickly and Chalker gave us two fleshed out protagonists very quickly. On what is literally their last day, their version of the case of the Maltese Falcon com I'm fairly certain I read this back in '88, but couldn't remember the ending to save my backside.

On what is literally their last day, their version of the case of the Maltese Falcon comes strolling in. The next pages were full-speed ahead. The next 50 really slowed down the book as Chalker explained what our intrepid couple finds themselves in, neck-deep. Fortunately, the rest of the book picked up, but I can see why my younger self may have put it aside. Despite all that, GOD Inc. Find it. Read it. May 24, Mohsin rated it liked it. Sci-fi meets whodunnit in Chalker's book. A good way to pass a commute, although I wouldn't necessarily set aside time to make sure you read it cover to cover.

I tried this book on whim and was pleasantly surprised to enjoy it: an entertaining and somewhat unusual combination of American detective story and science fiction. The sf side of it felt more familiar to me: I read sf, and have read sf of approximately this kind before, but I don't normally read American detective stories. The main characters are likeable enough, although their behaviour is somewhat implausible at times. The plot is frankly too complicated for me to follow, but I got the gist o I tried this book on whim and was pleasantly surprised to enjoy it: an entertaining and somewhat unusual combination of American detective story and science fiction.

The plot is frankly too complicated for me to follow, but I got the gist of it and didn't try to understand all the details. I think I've read only one other book by Jack Chalker: Midnight at the Well of Souls , which I read long ago, didn't much like, and I never read it again.

This one I wouldn't rave about, but I liked it better. An interesting detective story that starts out in the 80s and ends up in deep in science fiction. Took a long time until the premise for the trilogy was revealed, but the detective story was engaging enough to more than compensate. Jul 21, Randy rated it really liked it. Interesting idea.

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A private eye couple get trapped in a miniuniverse while on a case.. May 05, Aaron Anderson rated it liked it Shelves: 3-read-once-maybe , 6-science-fiction. Has the distinction of being the only Chalker series I didn't dislike to only be read once. Jan 09, John rated it liked it. I have reached the center of the labyrinth. It is a large, open square chamber with an arched doorway on each side leading back out to the maze. In the center is a large round well. I was elated to find water, but quickly discovered that it is not fresh water, but salt.

I believe it is a blue hole, leading to an underground sea that connects with the ocean to the east. Far down under the water I can see something shimmering in the depths. I believe it is the artifact I have been sent here to retrieve. I believe it is Thassa's bident, Dekella. I have also seen creatures swimming in the depths of the hole, and they are calling to me. I am certain they are naiads, emissaries of Thassa herself.

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I must go to them, for they will help me retrieve what I have come for. I have dropped my pearl into the watery hole and offered a prayer. I have doffed my armor, clothes, and backpack. I wear only a belt with my knife and waterproof pouch that protects my diary. I am prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I cannot say what will happen next, but I know I must dive into the depths—a final test of my faith. Island Art by Raoul Vitale. I know not the day, nor my whereabouts. I awoke on a beach this morning, washed up from somewhere beneath the depths. My body is covered in glowing geometric patterns. I dove into the blue hole, headfirst, and swam down, down, farther that I have ever dared, yet what I thought to be the bident always remained a little farther still. As I ran out of breath, and knew that I was too far down to make it back up alive, I chose to embrace my fate instead of fear it.

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  • It was then that the naiads emerged from their hiding places and surrounded me with sweet voices that formed a bubble filled with air around my entire body. It all seems like a dream now.

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    I am not certain I can even recount it in truth. The water nymphs towed me through the darkness of the underground sea; the only light the cool blue glow of their magic. Eventually, after I know not how long, we entered the Siren Sea, and they took me down into the depths, where only the faintest light could penetrate. Strange and mighty creatures passed by on our way out into the sea, but none molested my procession. In time, again I know not after how long, Thassa herself approached. Her spindly fins rippled to and fro majestically. The naiads gave way and left me alone before her.

    She parted the bubble and swam inside, facing me eye to eye. She spoke! Her tongue I could not understand, but the meaning seemed to penetrate my mind—time is long, and the lives of men are but a shadow passing in the night. What came yesterday is soon to be lost, like a mote of dust in the sun. What comes tomorrow is the only mission of our fragile lives. She reached out to me with a spindly finger and drew a pattern of light over my entire body, etching it into my skin with the sharp tip of her fingernail.

    And suddenly, she withdrew into the black depths and disappeared as if a dream. That is the last thing I remember. I now realize that retrieving Dekella was always a fool's errand. Who were we to think we could possess it? How did we imagine we could wield it? Why did we put our hope in an object when it is we, ourselves, who must shape our fates?

    The crucible of the labyrinth has changed me forever. I have been blessed by a god.

    The Labyrinth of Dreams (G.O.D. Inc., #1) by Jack L. Chalker

    I will return to my polis and be hailed as a great warrior, but my true gift will be the wisdom to shape a greater future for ourselves—to contribute to our edifice of knowledge. Jeremiah Isgur is known around these parts as The Sheriff. He is a senior technical producer of customer engagement systems—the group responsible for the technology behind Magic organized play. In his spare time he lives in the future. Training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis.

    Programmes for practising clinicians. Talks and short courses looking at literature, art and Jungian psychology. Focusing on more technical aspects of psychotherapy and analysis. A library of free articles. Lectures, talks, recommendations.

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    Check out our blog for the latest SAP news, texts of well known Jungian authors, videos, podcasts and more! See our blog Jung wrote little about addiction. He claimed that he was afraid of being misunderstood by the scientific community of his day. However, he has had a profound influence on one source of help available to people with problems of addiction. This is his link, indirect though it was, with the founding and philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Because of the anonymity factor, the numbers are never precisely known, but judging by the conventions of members held from time to time, the Fellowship can be seen to be still growing. He returned to Jung, asking to resume the analysis to help him to become abstinent once again. Jung refused, telling him bluntly that nothing less than exposing himself to the experience of a genuine conversion could be effective — and that even that might fail.

    Unbeknown to Jung, Roland H. A where he joined the Oxford group which had helped many alcoholics to become sober. Within this group he did undergo a religious conversion and he became sober. It was in part his influence that led to the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. We know that Jung was familiar with the effects of his own drinking early on, from his description of a visit to a distillery at the age of fourteen.

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    Alcoholics were treated very much the same as the patients suffering from other mental diseases. It is interesting that at this stage, although Jung described the dysfunctional family backgrounds of these patients, he made no link between their drinking and their life experiences. During his time at the hospital, he was called for his military service in the Swiss army, and he observed that there was a high incidence of alcoholism among the young army recruits.

    He became well aware of the hypocrisy and shame which surrounded alcoholism. Jung understood the psychological function of drugs in a different way from other psychoanalytic writers, not merely as changing mood calming or stimulating , but actually changing what happens in the inner world. This means not simply masking psychic distress but actually removing the cause of the distress for the time being. Chemical substances, he knew, work at a deep level of psychic functioning, blurring the boundaries in the inner world. Splits are abolished, the fragmented worlds become merged.

    Once someone has experienced this sense of wholeness, they may well want to experience it again and again.

    The Sea God's Labyrinth, Part 2

    The wholeness that comes with intoxication is an illusory wholeness with a numinous power which dissolves when one sobers up. So the search to repeat the experience begins, and it is not one that is readily given up. He was the first and only thinker in the field of psychoanalysis to grasp the underlying secret of enduring recovery from addiction. Alcoholism, he believed, involves a spiritual thirst for a sense of wholeness — the true secret of its numinous power and the reason why a person can be led into an addiction.

    He understood intuitively that only a radical conversion to something equally satisfying to the individual at a deep level can promote recovery.