Climate Crash: Abrupt Climate Change and What It Means for Our Future

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This is , years older than previously discovered fossils of Homo sapiens that have been securely dated. The fossils, including a partial skull and a lower jaw, belong to five different individuals including three young adults, an adolescent and a child estimated to be 8 years old. Nodosaurs were herbivores who walked on four legs and were covered in tank-like armor and dotted with spikes for protection. But this recently unveiled million-year-old fossil is the most well-preserved of the armored dinosaurs ever unearthed. Microfossils found in China have revealed what could be our earliest known ancestor on the tree of life.

Saccorhytus was a tiny, bag-like sea creature that lived million years ago. In , researchers discovered ancient collagen and protein remains preserved in the ribs of a dinosaur that walked the Earth million years ago. By studying the skeleton of this medieval pilgrim, researchers have been able to genotype leprosy. They also discovered that leprosy-causing bacteria have changed little over hundreds of years, possibly explaining the decline in the disease after it peaked in medieval Europe as humans developed resistance.

The discovery of a species that lived 6. The creature -- whose skull was excavated in Yunnan province -- would have been twice the size of today's otters. The tail of a million-year-old dinosaur was found entombed in amber in , an unprecedented discovery that has blown away scientists. The amber adds to fossil evidence that many dinosaurs sported feathers rather than scales. The oldest known sample of the smallpox-causing variola virus was found within the DNA of a 17th century child mummy in The mummy was found in a crypt beneath a Lithuanian church.

The finding shortens the timeline for how long smallpox may have afflicted humans. For the first time, researchers discovered genomic evidence of malaria in 2,year-old human remains from the Roman Empire. The discovery was made in Researchers found the first preserved dinosaur brain in history in They believe it was preserved due to the dinosaur dying in a swamp-like environment which mixed low levels of oxygen -- known to slow decay -- and acidity which can preserve soft tissue for long periods.

It is million years old.

Greta Thunberg, A 16 Year Old Calling Out Global Leaders on Climate Change (Full Documentary)

An investigation of skeletons buried during the Great Plague of London revealed the DNA of the bacteria responsible for the disease in The skeletons were discovered in an ancient burial site during construction of London's Crossrail train line. Scientists reconstructed the genome of an ancient plague in , which may shed new light on how certain diseases can either mysteriously disappear or continue to evolve and spread. An adult woman's skeleton on left and adult man's skeleton on right tested positive for the presence of Y. Story highlights Hunter-gatherers survived abrupt climate change events Data combined human activity and climate record analysis Climate change would impact modern lives in different ways, expert says.

How they responded to such abrupt climate change could hold key insights for us as we face a different kind of climate change, the researchers said. Paleoclimatologists, who study climates of the past, know that Earth's climate was not as stable for our ancestors as it has been for us. These abrupt, harsh changes could mean life or death, often forcing whole populations to move if they wanted to survive. For example, one well-studied event 8, years ago was a sudden cold shift that lasted over a century, recorded in Greenland ice cores and within the fossil record across Europe, the researchers said.

It occurred when the North American ice sheet decayed after the last ice age and released meltwater into the North Atlantic Ocean, disrupting the currents that brought heat to Western Europe. This triggered large-scale population crashes in northern Britain and large cultural changes in southern Europe, they said. In studying the Star Carr site, the researchers learned that two events there 9, and 11, years ago resulted in temperature decreases of 10 and 4 degrees Celsius.

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New findings paint picture of Neanderthals as artists. The abrupt climatic events seen at Star Carr are as large, if not larger, in magnitude as the event 8, years ago and yet here we confidently show that the populations at Star Carr were resilient to the impact of such events.

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They could make shelters and houses and hunt, fish and collect plant materials. It must have been a lot colder and harsher conditions to live in but they had structures and used fires to keep warm, and seem to have had access to animals such as red deer. The climate change would have cooled both summer and winter temperatures. This also would've affected the landscape and caused it to be more unstable, pausing the development of the woodland environment the hunter-gatherers depended on. During the first event, the site was populated on only a very small scale.

The researchers have no way of knowing whether the climate change event was the cause of this. But during the second event, Star Carr was a home to many hunter-gatherers, and despite the climate shift, they did not change their way of life or abandon the site. And according to the researchers, red deer -- which provided the people with skins, meat and other products -- would not have been affected by the temperature change, meaning the hunter-gatherers still had access to them. Star Carr has been a treasure trove for researchers from around the world since it was first excavated in the late s.

This site, at the edge of a former lake basin, includes the oldest evidence for carpentry in Europe: large wooden platforms made from wood worked with flint tools. Eleven thousand years ago, it would've been open landscape made up of grasslands, shrub and woodlands. See also: Climate change feedback and Runaway climate change.

Climate Crash: Abrupt Climate Change and what it Means for Our Future ‐ by John D Cox

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Climate change will make the next global crash the worst

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Climate change will make the next global crash the worst | Larry Elliott | Opinion | The Guardian

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    It's not climate change - it's everything change. Climate knowledge brokers manifesto. The past shows how abrupt climate shifts affect Earth. Past tropical climate change linked to ocean circulation. Key to predicting climate change could be blowing in the wind, researchers find. North Atlantic played pivotal role in last great climate tipping point, research shows.

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    New insights into the dynamics of past climate change.

    Abrupt Climate Change

    Climate change affected the fall of the Roman Empire. Climate change will cause widespread global-scale loss of common plants and animals. Identifying climate impact hotspots across sectors.