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The general characteristics of Flemish painting are an unsurpassed technical perfection, a realism, a rigour in the study and imitation of facts, such as render it impossible to say whether this perfection is more the condition or the effect. As a craftsman Memling is inferior to none of his Flemish predecessors or imitators; he paints fabrics, velvets, flesh tints like Jan van Eyck himself.

In sentiment he is far superior, or rather dwells in a finer atmosphere, for the price of the uncompromising realism of the Flemish is often ugliness and vulgarity.

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All these works are strong in execution but weak in feeling. It is true that Roger Van der Weyden attempted to introduce passion into this realism, but his painful intensity most frequently results in a convulsive, distorted, affected style. Emotionalism runs riot with him, producing the effect of nervous strain or disease.

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In the midst of this powerful but inartistic school the work of Memling astonishes by its subtle grace and refinement. In execution equal to anyone of his contemporaries, he transfigured all that he touched. Through all his portraits shines the radiance of the soul within. Compare, for example, the St.

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William of the Moreel triptych, in his black armour, that wonderful type of Christian knight and soldier monk , with the awkward St. This gift has made Memling the only Flemish painter who knew how to depict woman. He bestowed on her the same external luxury of draperies and attire, the same mantles, the same furs, the same wide skirts in majestic folds, with which the Flemish school in general loves to adorn her; but beneath this beautiful attire the Virgins of Van Eyck remain bourgeoises while those of Memling are young queens. His saints are princesses. He endows them with slender figures, white and graceful necks, sweet and long profiles, long drooping eyelashes, pure brows and clear temples , with that immaterial something which tolerates in its vicinity only virginal dreams and chaste thoughts.

Whatsoever is too worldly in their grace he corrects by an ideal but natural atmosphere, by the familiar and serene charm of his landscapes. A delicate symmetry lends a mysterious rhythm to these peaceful compositions and dominates them with the harmony of unheard music. Angel lute players with blue and rose-coloured wings seem the expression of this unuttered song, the personified voice of the choir. Grace of figures, nobility and richness of decoration, serenity of landscapes, balancing of groups, melody of colours, lines, and sentiment all unite to produce a masterpiece of mystical poetry, pious romance, and supernatural beauty.

But all these things, it must be repeated, are almost inexplicable in the Flemish school , at once the most natural and the most commonplace. These characteristics have their origin elsewhere, and the very legend concerning Memling, the story of a man coming as a stranger to art by a special vocation, is an unhistorical attempt to account for this singularity. James Weale had already conjectured that Memling's name contained the key to the enigma and concealed the clue to the painter's origin; he thought that it was according to a frequent custom of the Middle Ages , the name of a country.

As a matter of fact there was a borough called Memelynck near Alkmaar in Holland , and in the neighbourhood of Aschaffenburg in Germany there was another called Mumling or Momling. The solution of the problem is that Memling was a German from Mainz , as is shown by his exclusively German Christian name , Hans.

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Before taking up his residence at Bruges he studied art at Cologne , for northern Europe the home and fatherland of Christian art. Vasari and Guicciardini relate that Memling was the pupil of Roger Van der Weyden , but the only work of Memling's with a trace of Roger's influence is after a Pieta, in a church of Cologne.

His "Reliquary of St. Ursula " again proves that he lived a long time in that city; the views of Basle and Rome are fancifully depicted, whereas in those of Cologne the slightest details of the cathedral then in course of construction, the steeples of the churches of St. Martin and St. Read more. Date of stay: September Trip type: Traveled with family.

Hans Memling

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Hans Memling: Portraiture, Piety, and a Reunited Altarpiece

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Hans Memling

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His works carried on the developing Netherlandish style formed by masters such as his teacher Rogier van der Weyden — , as well as Jan van Eyck — His works were influenced greatly by the Flemish style and artists such as, Dieric Bouts the Elder — and Hugo van der Goes — From Weyden he received an influence of strong conceptual depictions and expressions in religious works.

A work that can be considered his best known masterpiece, is the triptych The Last Judgment, painted for the massive brick church, Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Polish city of Gdansk. The center panel is an epic representation of Jesus and the Archangel Michael deciding the fate of souls, with the left panel consumed with those in the fiery pit of hell, and the right with Saint Peter at the entry to heaven.

His more subtle, but equally masterful triptychs were The Donne Triptych and also the Adoration of the Magi. His patrons included the Hospital of Saint John in Bruges, wealthy merchants and burghers, as well as agents form the Medici family. One representative of the Medicis, Tommaso Portinari commissioned an important altarpiece from Memling, and several portraits, one of which is in the Uffizi Gallery. He had a large body of work, including nearly 20 altarpieces with multiple panels , 15 depictions of the Virgin and Child, 20 Representations of Saints and other religious subjects, with over 30 portraits.

Madonna and Child with two Angels. Portrait of Benedetto Portinari. Visit the website of the Polo Museale Fiorentino.