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Clusters of bright white clouds ringing the bottom of the plume are likely water vapor condensation, "or it could be a rising plume from interaction between magma and seawater, because Raikoke is a small island and [magma] flows likely entered the water," Simon Carn, a volcanologist at Michigan Technical University, told NASA. Raikoke is a stratovolcano, which means its slopes are built up from numerous layers of hardened lava and ash.

It reaches 1, feet m above sea level, and prior to Raikoke's explosion, the volcano's last recorded activity was in , according to the National Museum of Natural History's Global Volcanism Program. Another image captured by satellite on June 22 shows dense concentrations of ash on the western half of the plume, while circulating storm winds over the Pacific tug at the plume and draw it eastward.

Along with the ash, Raikoke's eruption also discharged a plume of sulfur dioxide that winds stirred into the stratosphere, Carn said. Live Science. The volcano unexpectedly erupted. Some other hikers escaped to safety. Some volcanic eruptions amount to small, relatively harmless puffs of steam and ash. At the other extreme are cataclysmic events. These can last for days to months, changing climate across the globe. Early in the s, researchers invented a scale to describe the strength of a volcanic eruption. Each eruption gets a number based on the amount of ash spewed, the height of the ash plume and the power of the eruption.

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For example, a VEI-2 eruption releases at least 1 million cubic meters 35 million cubic feet of ash and lava. So a VEI-3 eruption releases at least 10 million cubic meters of material. Small eruptions pose a threat only to nearby regions. Small clouds of ash might wipe out a few farms and buildings on the slopes of a volcano or on the surrounding plains. They also might smother crops or grazing areas. That could trigger a local famine. Larger eruptions pose different types of hazards. Their ash can spew dozens of kilometers from the peak. If the volcano is topped with snow or ice, lava flows can melt it.

That can create a thick mix of mud, ash, soil and rocks. Called a lahar, this material has a consistency like wet, newly mixed concrete. It can flow far from the peak — and destroy anything in its path.

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Nevado del Ruiz is a volcano in the South American nation of Colombia. Its eruption in created lahars that destroyed 5, homes and killed more than 23, people. Ash plumes can reach altitudes at which jets fly.

This will disrupt the flow of air around those blades, causing the engines to fail. Finally, a really big eruption can affect global climate. In a very explosive eruption, particles of ash can reach altitudes above where rains are available to quickly wash them from the air. This will cool temperatures globally, sometimes for many months. When sulfur dioxide reacts with the water vapor spewed by eruptions, it creates droplets of sulfuric acid. And if those droplets make it to high altitude, they too can scatter sunlight back into space, cooling climate even more.

In , for instance, a little-known volcano in the South American nation of Peru erupted.

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Its ash plumes cooled global climate so much that many parts of Europe had record-setting snowfalls the next winter. Large portions of Europe also suffered unprecedented floods the next spring when the snow melted.

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Heavy rains and cool temperatures during the summer of ensured massive crop failures in Russia. The famines that followed lasted through Carbon dioxide also is released when organic matter including fossil fuels like oil or gas is burned. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen during photosynthesis, the process they use to make their own food. Droughts, flooding and other weather disasters often contribute to widespread crop failures causing famine.

This viscous mix can have the consistency of wet, newly mixed concrete. When it erupts from a volcano, this material is referred to as lava. The mantle is semi-solid and generally divided into an upper and lower mantle. These flows can move at hurricane speeds.

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Subduction zones usually have a deep trench along the top. Its scientific symbol is SO 2.

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Used as a drain cleaner and in lead-acid car batteries, the liquid is able to burn tissues and eat through metals and even rock. Often that rotary motion will drive a system to generate electricity. It collects information to help monitor the health of ecosystems, natural resources and natural hazards. It also studies the impacts of climate and land-use changes. A part of the U.

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Scientists who study this are known as volcanologists and their field of science is known as volcanology. The magma rises through a system of pipes or channels, sometimes spending time in chambers where it bubbles with gas and undergoes chemical transformations. This plumbing system can become more complex over time. This can result in a change, over time, to the chemical composition of the lava as well. Simkin, L. Siebert and R. July 14, March 10, September 13, Scientists and science communicators must do a better job of combatting fake news about climate change and climate engineering on YouTube, says one researcher.

This mummy was found in South America in what is now the country of Peru. Five recently spotted ones have just gotten their official names.

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  • Scientists have been thinking up technologies that could take humans to the stars without rockets. A giant tower would probably sink into the planet. A cable that reaches into orbit could work — but only if researchers can find a strong enough material to build it.

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