Financially Fearless: The LearnVest Program for Taking Control of Your Money

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Using simple, funny situations any young person can relate to, "' The Behavior Gap ' lays out why we make bad decisions with our money," says Motley Fool columnist Morgan Housel, "and offers easy tips and suggestions on how to change our behavior. A professor of finance at Washington State University, Nofsinger delves into the ways psychology affects investors, giving a comprehensive overview of how to make smart investing decisions for those eager to try their hand at the market.

Financially Fearless

Starting to invest — and invest smartly — right out of college "is one of the fastest ways to obtain financial independence and maintain your standard of living in retirement," says Victor Ricciardi, a finance professor at Goucher College. To make sure his students understand the basics, Ricciardi teaches " The Psychology of Investing " in his behavioral finance course, "and my students definitely enjoy it," he says. Former host of CNBC's daily personal finance show, "On the Money," Ulrich offers a step-by-step guide on how to budget your monthly expenses, avoid the pitfalls of high credit card interest rates, and find the best way to pay off student loans.

Kimberly Palmer, senior editor for U. While telling the story of learning from two dads as you'd expect, one is rich and one is poor , Kiyosaki relays six lessons to become wealthy, including "the rich don't work for money," and "work to learn, not for the money. Although Kiyosaki's book is somewhat polarizing, it provides a unique perspective on earning and business while encouraging entrepreneurship, a career path that's only gaining popularity among recent grads.

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Lydia Dallett contributed reporting to this article. Why it's great for young people: Bernstein debunks the "you won't get Social Security by the time you retire" myth, and explains the hurdles specifically facing the millennial generation.

Because talking about finances is still a massive taboo. We talk openly about everything else, from sex to diets to politics, yet when is the last time you spoke with your friends about money? Well, in this book you better believe we''re going to talk money, over and over again, from all different angles. We''re going to take a hard, honest look at your spending and saving habits, and we''re going to take a fine-tooth comb through your bank accounts and your wallet. We''re going to make money an issue, so it becomes a nonissue.

In this book I''m going to put you through the financial planning program I''ve developed in my years founding and running LearnVest one of the leading online personal finance companies in the United States, and LearnVest Program, a registered investment adviser that provides personal financial planning services. This is a Program designed to help you earn better, save better, and spend better, so you can achieve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in real control of your finances.

And a key component of the Program is openness--with others and with yourself. By the time we''re done here, you''ll create a detailed, personalized financial plan tailored to how you actually live your life.

Financially Fearless: The LearnVest Program for Taking Control of Your Money

In the process you''ll get a clearer picture not only of what your money situation looks like now but also of where you''ll be financially in twelve months, in five years, even thirty years from now. I want to give you that feeling of relief that comes with getting in control of your money--the relief that comes from not having to lie awake at night worrying about bills or credit-card payments, the relief that comes with knowing you have enough saved for tomorrow without having to sacrifice the things that bring you joy today.

Why Not Having a Plan Is a Plan--a Bad One If this is the first time you''re thinking about this stuff seriously, you might think you don''t yet have a financial plan, but guess what? Not having a plan is a plan--just a really, really bad one. When you play it by ear, you''re throwing away money that you could be spending on the things in life that really matter. Worse, by not making financial decisions you are in fact making decisions--ones that leave you vulnerable to scary blind spots that will hurt you down the line, like not having proper insurance. Winging it is no way to build the future of your dreams.

When I started out in personal finance, I believed I was the only one with oodles of "stupid" money questions. Then I realized that some of the smartest, most educated people I knew had similar questions. Despite all the books that have been written on the topic and all the financial experts out there touting their services, most people have no idea how to wade through the endless stream of conflicting and confusing advice online and on television, and who can blame us?

Most high schools and colleges and grad schools across the country do not teach you anything about it.

Financially Fearless: The LearnVest Program for Taking Control of Your Money by Alexa Von Tobel

I had a top-notch education and graduated having been taught diddly-squat about managing my money. How are we supposed to get off on the right foot when literally no one shows us how? Not to mention that there''s an endless amount of financial "stuff" to wade through k s, APRs, s, et cetera. It''s easy to see why our nation has been struggling financially.

How the heck is a normal person supposed to stay up to speed on all this stuff? And with this confusion comes anxiety. Since founding LearnVest I have looked deep into the American financial psyche, and what I''ve found there is worry. Loads of it. So I know what I''m talking about when I tell you that most people worry about money.

Most people have doubts.

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